If you want to succeed in marketing and public relations in the 21st century, you not only have to define what you do, you must continually redefine what you do differently. What we do differently at Swanson Communications is take an event, company, organization, brand or athlete and showcase them to the world. 

We develop and execute each campaign using an intensive 360-degree approach combining strategic consulting, project planning and powerful media relations to deliver long-lasting and effective results. The fundamental goal of any campaign we put together is to build authentic excitement around it by reaching the targeted audience.

Public Relations

The emphasis we place on relationships has been paramount to our success over the past 20 years. Stories have to be spellbinding to warrant coverage, but with the over-saturation of publicity today, it’s more important than ever to have an abundance of diverse media contacts that trust your organization and understand the mutual benefits of high quality public relations.

We are constantly working hard to maintain our relationships with top media outlets around the world. The strength of these relationships is the impetus for our success. We consistently discover key story angles often overlooked by others and use our relationships as a pipeline to spread them.

Our deep-rooted relationships and expertise in public relations allows us to offer the following services to our clients:

  • Design, develop and deliver award-winning public relations campaigns
  • Conduct large-scale, multi-city press tours and coordinate live interviews
  • Execute high-profile press conferences
  • Employ creative thinking in all aspects of a campaign
  • Manage and engage in multi-platform social media campaigns
  • Ensure coverage for cross-cultural audiences (Urban and Hispanic)
  • Manage satellite media tours, international media conference calls, graphic design, campaign branding and signage, copywriting and translation (Spanish) for press and collateral materials, multi-media presentations, radio promotions and corporate and consumer incentives and sponsorship tie-ins
  • Project results and value reporting

Strategic Consulting

Share with us your most imaginative ideas and we’ll shape them into real-life projects. Tell us about an obstacle that you’re facing and we’ll put together an action plan to overcome it.

At Swanson Communications, we schedule one-on-ones with every client to understand your purpose so we can focus our efforts on the process. Your ideas are the foundation for our ideas, and we ensure that strategic planning is always supported by market research and consumer metrics.

Our strategic consulting services include:

  • Meet with clients to assess interests and potential opportunities
  • Conduct research to better inform efforts
  • Devise the best plan of action for intended results

Event   Planning

The most unforgettable events are the product of an inordinate amount of planning, scrutiny of details and over-preparation. Leveraging our industry relationships, we produce publicity events that magnetize public attention and entice media coverage resulting in record-breaking attendance and viewership figures. Whether a one-of-its-kind, award-winning press event at the base of the Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island or a private media roundtable, our company has done it all. Our expertise and desire to deliver uniqueness and the best continue to push the creative envelope in extraordinary ways.

Once again, it’s what we do differently that separates us in this space:

  • Provide insight on how to make each event stand out and tell the story it is meant to tell
  • Design, plan and execute large-scale press events, corporate functions, grand openings, speaking engagements, media dinners and fundraising appearances
  • Create an exhaustive plan of action including event theme, layout and logistics
  • Location scouting
  • Audio/visual design and presentation
  • On-Site staffing and management
  • Live satellite feed services for domestic and worldwide event broadcast
  • Troubleshooting and crisis consulting